I am an artist and designer situated in Cheshire, UK. I currently work part-time as an in-house designer in the fashion/textile industry, and out of work I am a painter and illustrator.


My style is fairly traditional in terms of realism and detail, but I find that I get most pleasure from painting pieces that capture a special moment in time - which can be as simple as a smile, a butterfly landing on a leaf, or a perfectly poised sunset in the sky. I love to paint all types of subjects, from portraits to landscape. 

I work in both traditional and modern medias. For my canvas paintings, I use oil paints on a canvas board, which I work on in my home studio in Cheshire. As an addition to oil painting, I also create digital paintings (like the example to the right!) using the Procreate app on an iPad Pro. This allows me to mimic the motion of painting but means I am able to work faster (and it's less messy!). 

I currently work predominantly on a commission basis, but I am working on expanding my collection of paintings - please get in touch on the contact page if you are interested in a commission, or purchasing a print!